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Nadjib Haffaf is a famous Algerian magican & trick performer. He is from Bordj Menaïel, Boumerdes, Algeria. Nadjib studied in University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene.

Nadjib Haffaf is one of a successful magician. Recently he gained popularity from a youtube channel. In his channel Nadjib is revealing different magic tricks including sleight of hand, disappearing objects and over 400 video revealing the magic trick. His collection on youtube is good for students who wants to learn magic.

Nadjib Haffaf  in Bordj Menaïel, Boumerdes, Algeria

Nadjib Haffaf Biography, Wiki & Facts

Name: Nadjib Haffaf
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: Not Known
Profession: Magician
Hometown: Bordj Menaïel, Boumerdes
Country: Algeria

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