Finding Prostitutes & Escort Service in the Kindom of Saudi Arabia

We are getting emails that write an article on Prostitution and escort services in the Kindgom of Saudi Arabia?

Oh body, you wanna get yourself killed or you don't like your life? lolx well if thats the case.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had imposed strict law on prostitution and escort services. The penalty of which can easily lead you to death sentence. Sharia does not  legalize any stuff that contains or spread nudity. Infact its "Haram" (Prohibited) in Islam. So if i were you i would stay away from these stuff while i am in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Any sexual activity outside marriage is illegal in Saudi Arabia. The punishments contains floggings, whipping in public, if given in excess can lead to death (some reports found).

Every years a lot of men are sent to jail for trafficking and pimping, and woman for prostitution.

Contract Marriages are legal and are in wide spread now a days. they are also called Misyar or  Nikah mut'ah (Shia Islam) .

You can have marry a girl for some time while you are living in the kingdom while working. you can find co-workers mostly filipinos, indonesians, indian girls. you become friends and marry. this way you are working and also enjoying life, plus you are also safe from law. So be natural, my advice would be not to think alot about prostitution, instead find some good lady and marry :)