Saudi Iqama / Muqeem Renewal Process Step By Step

Saudi Iqama / Muqeem Renewal Process Step By Step

Saudi Iqama / Muqeem Renewal

§  As digitization is taking on the whole world, all the manual processes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are being replaced by online processes. As of today, sponsors or employers can now initiate or renew their employees’ Iqama or Muqeem card through the MOFA website. A Muqeem card is valid for 5 years. If you have not already received your Muqeem card then you will get it automatically as long as you have a valid Iqama and the entire process is automated.
§  Consequences of Iqama not renewed
§  If your sponsor fails to renew your Iqama then he will be fined where the fine amount is the same as the renewal amount.
§  For other violations the fine is double the amount. And if you have had three violations declared against you then will be deported to your native country.
§  After Iqama / Muqeem has expired all your Saudi Arabia bank accounts and remittance center accounts will be frozen until renewal. So before expiry it is mandatory to withdraw all money from your accounts, then renew Iqama and then submit your new Iqama in the bank to activate your accounts
§  Iqama must be renewed atleast 3 days before expiry and the fee for that is 650 SR.
§  Iqama / Muqeem renewal fee for your other family members (those who are here on family visit visa) is 500 SR per head (above 18 years).
§  If you have a company that have more than 50% expatriates, then you need to pay 2400 SR as fee for labour office and if the number of employees is less than 10 then 4 expatriates are exempt from this fee
§  After submitting renewal application, get a letter signed by your sponsor that you have applied for renewal. This letter together with your old Iqama will be your temporary Muqeem Card.

Natives of countries Vietnam, Thailand, Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Nepal, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti need to take medical tests during renewal. You can track the status of your renewal application in The MOI website, once you have registered.

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Saudi Iqama / Muqeem Renewal Process Step By Step
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