New Iqama Renewal Process in Saudi Arabia

A lot of rumors have been doing the rounds on internet that Iqama fees are going to be increased from 2400 SR to 6000SR from 1438 hijri. But there has been no such official announcement of hike in Iqama fees and these are just rumors and not the facts. The officially announced fact is that all types of entry visa will now procure an entry visa fee of 2000 SR since 1st Moharram 1438 (2nd Oct 2016).

Types of Saudi Visas
§  Hajj Visa
§  Umrah Visa
§  Work Visa
§  Family Visit Visa
In order to motivate, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will bear the expense of 2000 SR (Hajj or Umrah visa) for all first time Hajj visitors. Some people may also plan for Umrah on their family visit visa. It is still not clear if these fees apply for an individual or for family though this confusion will be cleared in the near future.
The real Saudi Iqama renewal fee
The Iqama or Muqeem card renewal must be done once every year and rumor mills are abuzz that it is going to be 100 SR every year for renewal procedure, which is 2%. The expatriates must also keep in mind that this is effective from July of this year and will continue up to year 2020.   
If your Iqama or Muqeem card is not renewed on time then you may incur a penalty fee of 500 SR per Iqama. Your Iqama expiry date can be checked on the MOI website on the Query Iqama Service. Also MOI official app is available which you can install on your smart phone and track your Iqama status. Your Muqeem card is extremely important as your ID card in your country and allows you to enjoy most of the facilities and privileges.