How to Check How Many SIM Card registered On Iqama in Saudi Arabia

Check Unknown SIM registered on Iqama

Check Unknown SIM registered on Iqama

Muqeem card is extremely important to register a sim card in Saudi Arabia. Since Muqeem or Iqama is treated as proof of ID in this country, sim card registration is linked to your Muqeem card. It is a good safety measure to take care of your Muqeem card or any of its copies as it is prone to misuse if it falls in the wrong hands.
§  Do not leave any copies of your documents unattended. Make sure to always shred such unwanted documents
§  Do not trust and give away your details and documents to any strangers who pretend to be concerned about you
§  People who illegally enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be on the lookout for Muqeem card details of others so that they can register sim cards on some other name
§  In some cases, owners of small scale mobile shops, steal the Muqeem card details and sell sim cards registered to stolen details for minimal amount of money
It is very easy to find out this fraud by tracking and checking with your sim card provider (companies like mobily, zain, Virgin, STC etc. Login to your online account of mobile service provider and you can see how many sim cards are registered in your name. If you do not recognize any of them, you can immediately raise an issue over it.

How to block and remove unknown sim cards

Once you find out that there are many other sim cards registered to your Muqeem card, you must immediately call the customer care service of your mobile network provider and immediately tell them to block those sim connections that don’t belong to you. The next step is to go to their office and bring along your Muqeem card. After checking your ID proof they will then remove those unknown sim connections from your Muqeem card.