Family Visit Visa Detailed Process in Saudi Arabia Explained Step By Step

Family visit visa detailed process in Saudi Arabia

Working in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia all by your self can get a little lonely. So it is always a good idea to call your family members to pay you a visit. Their stay can either be short one (6 months) or a permanent one depending on the visa. When you are inviting them you need to procure a family visa and in this visa the following members of your family can be invited.
§  Mother
§  Father
§  Wife
§  Children
§  Sisters
§  In – laws
Visas can be either temporary or permanent visas. Permanent visas can be procured depending on their Iqama or Muqeem professions. Temporary visa up to 90 days have the option of being renewed. However renewals may not happen during the months of Ramadan and Hajj.

Important documents to be submitted for Visa application

When applying for family visit visa, make sure that your profession is a benefitted profession otherwise ask your sponsor to change it as a benefitted profession. The following are the documents are necessary:
§  Original and valid Iqama / Muqeem of Saudi Arabia
§  Passport copy
§  Passport copies of all the members of the family whom you are inviting   

How to make an online application
#1    Go to MOFA site and choose English as your language at the top right corner.  If you are the kafeel and are inviting your family, then you have to put in your name as the kafeel.
#2    Click on ‘Individuals’ and choose ‘Resident’ option
#4    Select the option that you are applying for and give the duration as 90 days for visit visa
#5    Fill up the rest of the details and submit the form. Then take a print out of all the pages
#1    Once you have taken the print out or hard copy of the application, sign it along with the date
#2    Now get a stamp and signature on it from your sponsor
#3    Visit the chamber of commerce where your employer is registered
#4    Pay the visa fees (approx. 30 SR) and submit the application. You will receive a print out after submission
To check your application status, you can check on the same website by clicking on Application Submitted to MOFA and entering all the other details to inquire.

Submit again after approval to Saudi Embassy of your respective country

Once the approval for visa has been obtained, the copy of your application must be submitted by your family in the Saudi Embassy of your home country. The following are the documents required:
§  Original passport and 4 passport size photos of family member
§  Iqama and passport copy of kafeel / yours
§  Authorization letter from sisters’ husband for married sisters
§  Your Marriage certificate
§  Passport and iqama copy of your wife for your in-laws’
Sometimes it is common for visa applications to get rejected. So keep trying and applying again and again till it is approved. Once your visa gets approved it has an expiration date of 3 months within which the applicant must travel.
Visa extension
If your visa validity is 90 days, you can extend it once more. If your visa validity is 30 days, then you can extend it 5 more times. Overstaying is termed as staying beyond your visa validity and is illegal in Saudi Arabia. It comes with a fine of 25000 SR on your iqama.