How to get a Driving Licence in Saudi Arabia

Getting a Driving Licence in Saudi Arabia

What Documents are required :

  1. Original Iqama (Resident ID) and its photocopy.
  2. Passport Copy and Visa Copy.
  3. 4 Four Recent passport size pictures with blue or white background.

Step by Step process of getting the driving licence:

  1. Make file of the above documents and go on to Dallah Driving school.
  2. Submit the file they will give you a form. (if you knows arabic fill it your self or if you don't then there will be cafeteria inside go there and the guy will fill it for you for 10 SR)
  3. After that go to the nearest hospital for tests
  4. They will take 100 SR and get your blood group test and eye sight test and stamp it on your form.
  5. After that bring the file and form again to the counter in Dallah driving school, they will stamp it.
  6. And they will forward you to initial driving test.

Initial Driving Test:

  1. One Saudi police officer will be sitting in the car with you. 
  2. he will say start the car and drive. he can check how you do reverse and how you drive a car in 8 like road. it totally depends on him what task he will assign to you.
  3. He will check your driving very carefully and will give you a grade ( Alif, B, Jem)  Alif means pass, B means 5 Five day Class, Jem means one month class.
  4. if you pass they will give you one day class and then they will check your driving again. if you pass again then you will be forwarded to computer test. if you pass that also. they will issue you a driving licence the next day.

Fee Structure:

  • For Classes the Fee is SAR 435.
  • For Driving licence of validity 2 years SAR 80.
  • For Driving licence of validity 5 years SAR 200.
  • For Driving licence of validity 10 years SAR 400.
Note: Take a printed copy or recipt of payment and attach it with the documents,

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